Torch Lake Veterinary Clinic

Thank you for checking out Torch Lake Veterinary Clinic (TLVC). We have been in business for 9 years and pride ourselves on our love of not only patients, but the clients as well. We work hard to treat your pet as a member of our family, providing good care to your family member. 
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  • Wed 9-NOON; SAT 8-NOON
  • Sun: closed
  • Emergency - Bay Area Pet Hosp.
  • (231) 922-0911
  • Adrianne Waffle, DVM "Doc"

    Doc is 2002 graduate of  Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine.  She went on from there to an internship in small animal med./surgery at Oklahoma State University and a second at The University of Illinois.  On April 4, 2005 she opened the Torch Lake Veterinary Clinic and became a member of the community by marrying Central Lake Native Billy Waffle. Their passel of Pets include: Murphey (Golden Retriever), Jayco (English Springer), Mia (Mastiff Mix), Bisley the 3 year old Golden Retriever, Topper (Bunny), Angel a 20 year old Salmon Crested Cockatoo, Oliver (the 9 year old eclectus parrot), and Willy the Oscar Fish.

     (Mia AKA Meezer)



    Years in Practice:
    Apr 07, 2005
    Louisiana State University
  • Jessica Dawson (Jessie)

    Jessie is often the first person you talk to when calling and also one of the smiling faces you see when you walk in the front doors.  She has been with TLVC for almost 7 years and is an integral part of the team. Her duties vary from helping in surgery, to office managerial tasks, to client relations, and being an overall wonderful asset to the company. She is considered to be Doc's right hand woman. Her passions include not only the animals but boating and being in the woods on her quad.

    Her children include: Rosco (Chocolate Lab), Gauge (weimaraner mix), Harry the cat, Mufasa ("Moo" the long haired cat),  Annie (hound mix), Monkey (tabby cat), Seth (tabby and white cat), Scouty (chocolate lab), and Momma Kitty (gray tabby cat)


     (Moo and Gauge with Romeo in the back)


    Years in Practice:
    Nov 07, 2007
  • Kayla Straight

    I am happy to announce that Kayla has now come on board at TLVC as of spring 2014. She is currently undertaking a veterinary assistant program, and has proven herself to be an asset to patient care. She is often the first you talk to on the phone and most often the one to assist in examinations. Her outside interests include horseback riding, swimming, and shooting pool. Her babies include Dozer (pitt bull), and Fussa (Grey kitty), and Maddi (Lab mix).

    Years in Practice:
    Oct 24, 2014